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Nigerian Fraud and Motorcycles

Article on motorcycles and Nigerian Check Frauds

And... Not all scammers are Nigerians

More on Nigerian Fraud

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Thanks for using our services - as we continue the redesign of the site, in 2005, and appreciate your interest. We will be expanding our content on the site, and providing more race links and information. The people running this site have interests in several types of racing, and have amateur and professional status. Oh, and games too.. like our free racing games page here.

We also will offer free email with only banners related to races, etc., not the typical advertisements. We appreciate your input into what works for you, and are upgrading servers to allow this to happen.

You will be able to build a web site at no cost on the website - in several languages. Or maybe a dating service... or travel shop. We will make this a fun, small community for racers and fans and just about anyone to read a bit, get some information, and email if needed. Stay tuned - this message will be replaced with updates as we have less and less left to add in! Thanks again for using our services.

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We are looking for racers - correspondents from all over the world. Please email us and let us know if you'd like us to add you into our up and coming aRacer Stories and Diaries section. We are supportive of multi-lingual writing from racers of all kinds - all over the world.

We are also going to add in more f-u-n and g-a-m-e-s on the site. Send us any suggestions, or wait for more info and details.

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    Motorcycle Addiction - humor

  • We loved this racing Insanity Test - fun.

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